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L'Atelier développement personnel : "DISCOVER YOUR PALETTE"

Jeudi 9 janvier 10h - 12h

Atelier en anglais

Do you think wearing black is always the best in every occasions? And do you find it hard to choose what to wear in the morning, what colour of lipstick you should buy and which accessories should you choose, gold or silver?

In the Discover Your Palette Workshop, I would explain and illustrate why, what and how to conduct the bespoke colour consultation which helps you to bring out your best self by wearing your personalized colour palette. One lucky participant will be chosen to showcase the process.

L'Atelier développement personnel : "DISCOVER YOUR PALETTE"

Elsie Yung has more than 20 years of success in inspiring individuals to build their confidence, she can undoubtedly say the answer to your fulfilment is in how much you believe in yourself. Being a 360 degree career and brand expert – she uses her experience to guide you towards creating a positive change in your professional and personal life. Her passion is to help you engage and reaffirm your inner power and capabilities to manoeuvre the seasons of your life in a wise, meaningful and colourful way.

2000 JPY pour les membres
4000 JPY pour les non membres et gratuit pour les personnes en Visa Etudiant ou VT