Femmes actives Japon - Le réseau professionnel au féminin


Mardi 15 mai 2018 19h30 - 21h30

"1er événement commun FAJ & FEW (For Empowering Women in Japan) ... en anglais !

Nous vous attendons nombreuses pour rencontrer les membres de FEW in Japan, découvrir les projets portés par des Entrepreneures de FAJ et de FEW, enrichir votre réseau et vous créer de nouvelles opportunités ...



Femmes Actives Japon (FAJ) and For Empowering Women (FEW) are two dynamic organizations in Tokyo dedicated to supporting women by creating networks that allow them to reach their full personal and professional potential. 

For the first time ever, our two associations are coming together for an enriching event that gives an opportunity to share and explore the work of their members, and forge links that can lead to new ideas and opportunities. No matter what our culture and language, we can all learn from our shared experiences in Japan. 

Join us on Tuesday May 15, 2018 for this event where members will present their work in a visual-based format. Our members have talents, and this is a great opportunity to showcase that!!

This will be followed by a networking session with drinks and food from Kiwi Kitchen. In addition, members of the organizations will be doing a sake-tasting, and providing exclusive French patisseries. 

Places are limited, so sign up now!


2,000 yen for members, and 3,000 yen for non-members.